Kiwi, also called Chinese Gooseberry, edible fruit of the vine Actinidia chinensis (family Actinidiaceae). The plant is native to China and Taiwan and is now grown commercially in New Zealand and California and Iran. The egg-shaped kiwi fruit has a furry brownish green skin and firm, translucent green flesh with edible purple-black seeds at the centre. The fruit has a slightly acid taste resembling that of a gooseberry or perhaps a honeydew melon. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and its juice is sometimes used as a meat tenderizer.

Iran country has long and bright history about fruits production especially kiwi fruit with above quality. So that despite rivals such as Italy and France, our company is exported kiwi fruit to the worldwide. also we have very good markets in the Russian and India countries.The product growth is for different reasons like above quality, suitable shape, tasty and etc. so these matters(mentions) are caused to increased demand for buying this Iranian product more from other countries.
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Kiwi fruitHayward+70 gr4KG Plastic baskets

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BBEHABEH International Fruit & Vegetables company today has received satisfactory feedback in exports from many countries. We are proud of your choice.

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