The delicious, and very fragrant fruit of the day, many doctors and nutritionists have introduced it as a unique fruit of the summer season. This delicious and popular fruit has great health and medical benefits, especially in the field of skin, which has attracted many fans around the world.
  • Peach skin is very useful and effective for removing bad breath.
  • Peach leaves can be used to facilitate or treat diseases such as epilepsy and heaviness.
  • The peanut core brain is used to relieve headaches and problems and digestive disorders, including digestion, liver and urinary disorders.
  • Peach is laxative and is a good drug for preventing or eliminating constipation.
  • Peach core brain is a good and excellent facilitator for blood purification.
  • The use of this fruit due to urinating is a good option to prevent the accumulation of excess water in the bladder and kidneys.
  • Sugar and starch content found in peaches is easily digested and easily digested by the human stomach.
  • Peach juice strengthens the secretion of the digestive glands and helps to digest the food.
Product namevarietysizePacking typeGrowing RegionComments
PeachElberta - GALA3-6 kg basket or cartonMazandaran Damavand – Eastern Azerbaijan

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