Pomegranate has an approximately 4 meter tree that grows in subtropical lands. Pomegranate is native in central and eastern regions of Iran till Himalia Mountain in India. It is one of the first plants that have been tamed by human. The pomegranate is named in Homer – Greek famous poet-‘s book “Odyssey”, also it is known that Solomon had a big pomegranate Garden and loved it a lot. This fruit is named three times in Quran, too. So it is one of the Quranic fruits. In Al-Rahman, pomegranate is called a heaven’s fruit.

Pomegranate flowers are large, red and odorless. Pomegranate fruit is globular in different sizes with red, yellow or in some types black color. Pomegranate seeds are mostly red to white. And it has three flavors: sweet, sour and sweet-and-sour. There are lots of products made by pomegranate such as: pomegranate juice, pomegranate sauce, pomegranate concentrate, dried pomegranate and pomegranate jam.

Iran is the biggest pomegranate producing country by 800 thousand ton annually and then India is in the second place.

Pomegranate is a constant fruit if you keep it in the right condition. Best temperature for keeping it is 5 centigrade degree. You should consider that pomegranate loose its humidity easily so for keeping it for long time wrap it between newspapers and put it in wooden basket in a place away from sunlight like basement which is cool.

Moist environment, even refrigerator, can activate bacteria and fungus in pomegranate skin and cause mold. Ergo it is better not to keep it in plastic dishes unless you polished skin of pomegranate with anti-fungus wax.

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