Apple trees are being planted in most of the countries and its fruit is being found all around the world. Apple has different types: wild type, sweet and sour but the fruit is sweet and fleshy. Apple is in third place of breeding fruits in the world after Citrus –like orange, sweet lemon, sour lemon, Grapefruit- and banana.

Apple should have smooth and bright skin with clear color and it should be hard without any spots. Apple aroma is one of the important properties for determining the apple’s quality. One the other important properties is the Appropriate time for picking them, if there are lots of apples without tail in the package we can understand that time for picking the apples was later than the appropriate time so it shorten the keeping time for the apples. We shouldn’t keep apples next to vegetables or other fruits because it shorten the apples life.

One of the apples properties is it’s A, B and C vitamin and potassium. Apple helps in regulation of blood pressure, decreasing high blood pressures, teeth and gums health, preventing joint’s pain and Gout, decreasing blood cholesterol and blood sugar, and preventing all kind of cancers to happen. Because of all this usefulness of apple, it has a big role in currency making for producer countries.
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AppleRed – Golden80-250 gr1-2-3 row plastic basket - 14 kg plastic basketMazandaran – Fars - Khuzestan

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