Grape is a member of vitaceae family and vitis genus which has green flowers that only grows in clustered shape in annual branches that has grown in last year’s branches. That’s why gardeners try to made the plant to create such branches in annual Pruning so they can have more products, vitaceae family has 10 different species, some of them are decorative plants and other genus are not important except vitis genus that is considerable in terms of nutrition.

Grapes are one of the oldest known plants and count as an important food source and are important in human health.

There are lots of different statements about grapes and its medical effects and its uses in curing different disease. Grape’s tree leaves can be used in cooking and stewing its dried leaf as herbal tea can be used in gout, jaundice, diarrhea and bleedings. Grape’s branches pourer drops in early growth season (grape’s tear) can be used as a treatment for skin disease, fever,  kidney stone and moles.

Most important spots in Iran that produce Grapes are west Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Arak, Qazvin and Malayer.

Grape has lots of varieties, multiple factors should be considered on choosing one kind of it for planting, most important one’s are:

Type of use: fresh eating, raisins, Verjuice, Vinegar, juice and other products

Products release time for reception grapes.

Climate and soil type

Seasons and The demands of the consumer market

Due to above items in subtropical regions like Khuzestan, Sistan and balouchestan, Kermanshah, Hormozgan, Ilam and other similar regions, types with Low chilling requirement, early types, business types and early fashioned can be used. It should be told that amethystine type is not noticeable because of its low quality and in future there will be no more requirement.

In mild regions like Fars, Khorasan, west and east Azerbaijan, Qazvin, zanjan, Hamedan, Markazi, Isfahan and other similar regions, Native types can be used such as white without seed grape, red without seed grape, Asgari, Peykani, Sahebi, Rish baba, Shirazi. Fashioned types can be used in mild regions because weather don’t get less than -15 in that regions. Specialists are checking new business types that have been imported recently to see if they are Compatible.

Product namevarietysizePacking typeGrowing RegionComments
GrapeAsgari – Sanjari - Shahani10-25 mm3-10 kg basket or cartonMaragheh – Takestan – Tuyserkan – Kashmar - Urmia

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