The characteristics of the saturn peach are very similar to the peach with which it shares genes, such as its velvety skin, colours and sweet taste.

Saturn peaches have a squashed, flat shape. Their skin is smooth and velvety. Its uniform and intense colour encompasses almost the shades of pink and red. Its size ranges from diameter C which is 56-61mm up to a width of more than 80mm diameter.

The properties of the saturn peach, like those of the nectarine, are excellent as it is rich in carotenes, with anti-cancer and antioxidant properties which are especially advisable for protecting against stomach cancer.

Its high concentration of nutrients makes it a fruit that is recommended for people on diets.

Product namevarietysizePacking typeGrowing RegionComments
PeachElberta - GALA3-6 kg basket or cartonMazandaran Damavand – Eastern Azerbaijan

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